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gotta modify the widget.

(891 days ago)


About me

I am Gary and I like Molossers. They are the dogs for me .. blah, blah.. more to come


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    gotta modify the widget.
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    Tracer, if you want to play with the default widgets mod let me know. I tried to add a few extra stuff in there but got errors. You can.
  • Admin added a new discussion topic Westminister 2012 Show in the group Show Dogs 892 days ago
    I don't really get it.  Why with all the great functional dogs at the WKC show they had to pick a rolling ball of fur called a Pekingese.  What the heck is the meaing of that.  
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    The group of ancient and new dogs that make up this vast group of dogs.   From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Molosser is a category of large, solidly-built dogs that includes several breeds, probably all descended from the same root stock. The...


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  • The Molossers

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    Categories: breeds, profiles

    This is the complete list of Molossers. You can access the profiles of the dogs listed by clicking on their names. The breeds of molosser blood are depicted below in three main categories that are further explained. This list is the most complete...
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