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After years of research, we have not found any proof that the Tyrolean Sheepdog breed exists. There may have been an old Tyrol Herder breed that became extinct, but this is simply guesswork. A number of our associates in Austria have found no evidence of its existence, leading us to conclude that the Tyrolean Sheepdog found in some books and listings on a few websites has been mistaken for the more famous Tyrolean Hound breed. There are some working sheepdogs in Tyrol, but these are mostly crosses between various imported breeds, such as the Karst Sheepdog and the Border Collie, said to resemble old Welsh Herders and English working Collies. If you are aware of anything that we might've missed in our research, feel free to contact us and provide us with any additional info. Thanks in advance.

Also know as:

Tyrolean Sheepdog, Tyrol Herder